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RepCo Marketing, Inc.

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RepCo BAC Simulator Solution
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Due to Chain of Custody, There Are No Refunds Or Exchanges on BAC Solutions

RepCo BAC Simulator Solution

Repco Marketing Inc. BAC Simulator Solution is composed of Purified Steam Distilled Water and Certified UPS Ethyl Alcohol and sold in 500 ml Bottles. Each bottle has a Pressure Sensitive Seal and Integrity Seal for security. 

A Certified Ethanol Reference Solution for Simulator label is placed on each bottle providing the Lot Number, Lot Volume, Manufacturing Date and Expiration Date. Each Shipment Includes a Signed Certificate of Analysis that states the Lot Number, gms/dl wt./vol. ethyl alcohol level, the solution to be found free of any interferring substance, BAC percent reading when used in a properly operating Wet Bath Simulator, and Lot Expiration date (expiration date is generally 2 years after date of manufacturing date).


Accuracy Specification:

+/-.003 BAC or +/-3%

whichever is greater


BAC Solutions available:

  • .02
  • .04
  • .05
  • .08
  • .10
  • .15
  • .20
  • .30
  • .40

Other BAC Solutions are available upon request, request must be a 50 bottle minimum order.


BAC Simulator Solutions are sold in 2, 6, 10 or 40 packs.