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3402C Simulator
3402C-2K Simulator
3402C-2K with Sideports
BAC Simulator Solution
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Tandem Water Alcohol Simu
Repco Marketing Inc. Products
  • RepCo Marketing Model 3402C Breath Alcohol Simulator is a specially designed,  

                state-of-the-art, constant temperature, water alcohol instrument for the

                express purpose of providing a standard alcohol-air mixture. 

               * DOT Approved *


  •  RepCo Marketing Model 3402C-2K Breath Alcohol Simulator is the most advanced

                 state-of-the-art, constant temperature, wet bath simulator available in

                 today's market for the express purpose of providing an accurate standard

                 alcohol-air mixture.

                * DOT Approved *


                side vapor ports that are properly polarized and spaced above the

                instrument mounting surface to allow direct hook-up with the

                Intoxilyzer 8000 or DataMaster DMT. No more hoses or condensation.

                Truer Calibration Standard and Lower Standard Deviation.

              * DOT Approved *



                an intergrity seal for security. A Certified Ethanol Reference Solution for

               Simulator label is on each bottle, providing the lot number, lot volume,

               manufacturing and expiration date. Each solution is manufactured and tested

               by RepCo Marketing Inc. with confirmation by an independent laboratory.

               Ships in 2 Pack, 6 Pack, 10 Pack, or 40 Pack.



  • Repco Marketing PET-1 Physiological Evaluation Test is a human response tester for

               determining the impairment level of a person under the influence of illicit

               and/or prescription drugs.




  • Simulator:

                 RS232 Serial Output Port

              Side Vapor Port

              Heated Simulator Hoses

              Simulator Stand Part Number SS-1 (For Repco and Guth Simulators)


  • Breathalyzer Mouthpieces

               UT-1   for use with the BAC Datamaster, Intoxilyzer, and AlcoTec

                            Available in quantities of 100-5000 Pieces

             FC10 for use with the Lifeloc Technologies Unit

                           Available in 100 Piece Packs